Wall Street Part of Town

A tribute to all OWS protesters on the song of Ry Cooder. More coming soon

Revoluya hell Ya

After the eviction of Zucotti park, hundreds of protesters came to Wall Street, among them even a reverend. Our local TV Ekkergem reporter was on the spot to interview the reverend. The message is clear: Revoluya ya !

Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainright at Liberty Sqaure

In the spirit of his father John, Sean turned up this weekend at Zucotti Park, together with Rufus Wainwright, bringing live this wonderful epilogue of 'Material Girl'. It's been reported that some Wall Street guys tried to buy the rights of the song, but John said, in the spirit of his father: "imagine no possessions, i wonder if you can, no need for greed and hunger "

Occupy Legoland at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Legoland is just one of the many attractions at Zucotti Park, the next logical step will be occupy the goverment. everybody knwos it's a puppetgame and in fact there is not all that much difference with the current situation, expect that now the goverment is basisly owned and controled the Wall Street Billionairs. Once Occupy Wall Street takes over the control of the government, things will get better soon. We will be the first European channel to cover this. More to come the next day

    As thousand of peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters occupied Wall Street, the only violence reported was the violence of the NYPD, and especialy the so called whiteshirts. A report from our anchorman on the spot

    TV Ekkergem will be the very first  Belgian TV station who covers the Occupy Wall Street movement, as the mainstream media in Europe fail to do so. Stay tuned for much more soon.

    An insight of Ekkergem top- America specialist Jef. Translation will follow as soon we have our translation team completed

    John Moore, the lesser known brother of Michael, speaks out on Liberty Square. Much more the following days, with opinions of the brothers of President Obama, Snoop Dogg and George Clooney. TV Ekkergem, problably the first European newschannel who gives you more insights than Fox TV and CNN combined.